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Tiempo : 2020-02-10 04:26

Hello everyone! Thank you for supporting the game for all these years, the developer would like to appreciate your supports.
During the Chinese New Years, it was unfortunate to have such bug appeared on certain platform but not others. So, in order for us to make it real fair. We will run this top up offline event for 5 days.

This event only apply for players in the following distribution platforms:

- GoGames US
- SoarGames
- RisenGames

Here is how it works, it's really simple.

1. Top up during the next 5 days.
2. Accumulate the top up for the next 5 days.
3. Register here or pm me on discord in the following format:

In-Game Name: Saitama
Platform: GoGames
Server: US s51
Top Up Amount: 4000 Gold

4. Prizes will be given shortly after the event is over.

OKAY... Here's the deal...

For every 50 Gold top-up, we will give you 1000 ASAUCHI. Yes, you aren't dreaming... It's true. Have fun!

Consider this as a gift from the developer. Enjoy!

Claim method: contact EN admin  Saitama at discord

Time limit:

8/2-12/2,2020 23:59:59

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Próximo Lanzamiento: 2020-08-21 00:00 GMT/UTC+2


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